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Board of Directors

United States Naval Academy Alumni Association
Hampton Roads Chapter
2018-2020 Board of Directors

 President Dick Enderly '71 president@usnahamptonroads.com  and Membership
 1st VP Vacant

 2nd VP Ken Marks '71
events@usnahamptonroads.com Events
 Secretary Bob Gradel '84
 Treasurer Jay Huston '81  treasurer@usnahamptonroads.com
 National Trustee Mark Rupprecht '76 trustee@usnahamptonroads.com  
  Chris Bugg '96

  Christy Cowan '95
Communications Director
  Adam Kinnear '94

Networking Breakfast Coordinator
  Ken Levins '83

  Tom Martin '66

  K.J. Pittner '14
webmaster@usnahamptonroads.comAsst Webmaster
  Shanti Powers '03

  Renee Reedy '81

 Daren Williams '02
Special Assistants     
  Andrea Kinnear  Parents Group President
  Dave Lannetti '81 BGO@usnahamptonroads.com
Area BGO Coordinator
  Tony Mazzeo '88  Legal Advisor
 Bob Perry '72
 Director of Golf
 Rob Hanckel '78
 Business Development Group
 Rob Aeschbach '90 webmaster@usnahamptonroads.comWebmaster
Past Presidents     
  Stan Bryant '69   
  Bob Byles '69   
  Pete Glasier '62   
  Jack Kasiski '79   
  Dan Lear '68  
  Dave Paddock '77   
  Mark Rupprecht '76   
 Craig Quigley '75  

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