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Become a Class Rep

To become a Class Representative contact Membership Chair Dick Enderly '71 at membership@USNAHamptonRoads.com.

The primary role of a Hampton Roads Chapter Class Representative is to help the membership committee expand efforts to increase membership. To that end, class representative roles and responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Reaching out to classmates in the Hampton Roads area whenever possible to promote membership in the Chapter and participation in Chapter events.
  • Assisting the Membership Committee in maintaining updated and accurate contact information in the Chapter database for classmates in the Hampton Roads area.
  • Volunteering to assist with checking in and registering attendees at Chapter events when available and/or planning to participate.
  • Periodically volunteering to coordinate or assist in orchestrating a Happy Hour or other Chapter event.
  • Promoting the Mission and ideals of the U.S. Naval Academy and helping to keep classmates informed regarding significant USNAAA and Foundation events, initiatives, and information.

Additional things to know and understand:

  • Class Representatives must be USNAAA Hampton Roads Chapter members in good standing.
  • Class Representatives are volunteers; and the Chapter appreciates their support in coordinating and enhancing communication with classmates.
  • Class Representatives are encouraged to communicate with Hampton Roads area classmates via any preferred means desired (e.g. social media, phone, email, etc.).
  • Class Representatives are urged to attend Chapter events whenever possible; but such participation is not mandatory or required for an individual to be an effective Class Representative.
  • Class Representatives are encouraged to suggest to the Membership Committee new or improved methods to attract and sign up new Chapter members.
  • Class Representatives are also encouraged to pulse their classmates regarding ideas for new and different Chapter events, and convey any proposed ideas or initiatives to the Membership Chair and/or the Chapter Events Coordinator.

Class Representatives

Class Representatives help the Membership Committee promote Chapter membership.

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