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  • 14 Aug 2020 10:13 | Robert Aeschbach (Administrator)

    Dear Friends of Navy Athletics,

    First, I want to express my sincere appreciation for the patience that you all have displayed as we work through the uncertainty that has prevailed specific to the fall football season.  As you read daily, the landscape has been constantly changing as different scenarios emerge thus requiring the administration to revisit details that pertain to executing a safe, both on and off the field, game day environment.

    As of this day, the American Athletic Conference has reinforced an intent to play football this fall.  Currently we are joining the thinking and rationale of the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 conferences.  The plan includes a significantly reduced capacity in the stadium and a wide array of comprehensive social distancing and safety protocols.  However, with the recent declarations of not to play by a number of other conferences at the Division I FBS level, our AAC Presidents have decided to continue to study the landscape.  Keep in mind, we are getting all our medical advice and counsel from some of the most respected medical authorities in the nation.   I am confident that we will know exactly what the fall will look like very shortly.

    As you would expect, the pandemic has created significant fiscal challenges for the NAAA which are of historic proportion.  External revenue streams that have sustained our well funded championship programs are being altered and our continued ability to sustain the level of support for our coaches and midshipmen is in jeopardy.  I will be sharing with you an opportunity and options for consideration when the football outlook is resolved.  I am hopeful that all of our loyal fans and friends will keep an open mind in considering ways to assist our programs through this most challenging of times.  Today, my only request is to keep an open mind and please remain a critical and loyal member of our team.

    Keep the faith and expect to win,

    Chet Gladchuk
    Athletics Director, Naval Academy Athletic Association 

  • 6 Aug 2020 15:35 | Robert Aeschbach (Administrator)

    From Navy Sports:

    ANNAPOLIS, Md.—Naval Academy Director of Athletics Chet Gladchuk announced today that Navy will play host to BYU on Monday, Sept. 7 at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in a game that will be nationally televised by ESPN. Kickoff is set for 8:00 pm.
    Navy and Notre Dame, who have met every year on the gridiron since 1927, will not play in 2020, ending the longest continuous intersectional rivalry in college football at 93 games.  Gladchuk and Notre Dame Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick have agreed to extend the contract between the two schools to 2032.
    Navy and Notre Dame were originally scheduled to play on August 29 in Dublin, Ireland, but due to COVID-19 the game was moved to Annapolis and was slated to be played on Labor Day Weekend at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.
    When it was announced that Notre Dame would join the Atlantic Coast Conference for the 2020 season, it eliminated the chance for Navy and Notre Dame to play this season. The ACC's member schools can only play one nonconference game this fall and it must be played in the home state of the ACC school.
    "Obviously many will be disappointed that our longstanding competitive streak with Notre Dame will be interrupted due to the scheduling circumstances imposed by the pandemic.  However, we have agreed that Navy and Notre Dame will continue as one of college football's longest intersectional matchups through our extension and I appreciate Notre Dame making this a priority," said Gladchuk.
    "Looking ahead, we have created an exciting and anticipated matchup in Annapolis with one of college football's storied programs in BYU.  This game will bring great national exposure for the Naval Academy, Annapolis, our state and Navy football.  Although attendance in our stadium will be regulated and greatly reduced with fan welfare and social distancing guidelines in effect, a national television audience will enjoy watching two of college football's most storied programs kick off the season in a primetime environment."
    Notre Dame and Navy first started playing in 1927. The relationship has continued to grow stronger in subsequent years. The extension reflects the intent of both schools that, despite the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19 and 2020, to continue playing well into the future.
    BYU is an exciting replacement for the Irish.  Last year, the Cougars posted a 7-6 record against a brutal schedule and earned wins over Tennessee, USC and Boise State.
    This year's game will mark the third meeting between Navy and BYU.  The two teams met in the inaugural Holiday Bowl in 1978 with Navy coming away with a thrilling 23-16 victory.  BYU has played in Annapolis on only one occasion, in 1989.
    Navy will not replace Lafayette on the schedule and will stay with 11 games for the 2020 season. The BYU game completes the five-game season ticket package which also includes home dates against Temple (Sept. 26), Houston (Oct. 24), Tulsa (Nov. 7) and Memphis (Nov. 14).
    Navy will return a game to Provo, Utah at a date and time to be determined.


  • 4 Aug 2020 10:02 | Robert Aeschbach (Administrator)

    Fellow Leaders,

    Last week the superintendent participated in a town hall led by USNAAA/F President & CEO Byron Marchant '78. 

    I encourage you to read through the attached presentations.  The first serves as a reminder of our collective Core Values as Naval Academy Alumni, providing both background, and insight into the Alumni Association and Foundation leadership, and strategic goals specifically as relates to equity and inclusion.  Additionally, there is a COVID-19 update as well as some questions to consider as we evaluate how our chapter is doing and how we can grow and continue to support our chapter mission.

    The second presentation is an update from VADM Buck on how the Class of 2024 is experiencing Plebe Summer in a pandemic and an outlook for the fall.

    Additionally, you can read Admiral Buck's biography at  https://www.usna.edu/PAO/Superintendent/bio.php.

    Renee Reedy '81

    Hampton Roads Chapter
    USNA Alumni Association

    USNA-Mid Atlantic Region-Trustee-Supe USNA-ALumni-Assn-Combined presentation.pdf

  • 30 Jul 2020 15:51 | Robert Aeschbach (Administrator)

    We're working on expanding information available about local alumni-owned businesses.

    We encourage other alumni to frequent these specific businesses, particularly during the COVID era when direct social interactions are scarce.

    For now, you can see the registry of our Business Development Group here: https://usnahamptonroads.com/business-development-group

  • 30 Jul 2020 15:46 | Robert Aeschbach (Administrator)

    The latest Wave Tops is out.

    Wave Tops is the e-newsletter published by the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation. Wave Tops covers news, announcements and special events concerning the Alumni Association & Foundation, alumni, midshipmen, the Yard and the Navy and Marine Corps.

  • 30 Jun 2020 15:45 | Robert Aeschbach (Administrator)

    The latest Wave Tops is out.

    Wave Tops is the e-newsletter published by the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation. Wave Tops covers news, announcements and special events concerning the Alumni Association & Foundation, alumni, midshipmen, the Yard and the Navy and Marine Corps.

  • 19 Jun 2020 16:34 | Robert Aeschbach (Administrator)

    Nice story about Ron Terwilliger '63, the largest individual donor in the Academy’s history.


  • 16 Jun 2020 13:30 | Robert Aeschbach (Administrator)
    ~ ~

    This press release spells out the decision as it pertains to our previously scheduled contest in Dublin against Notre Dame on August 29th of this year (click here to read press release).  The NAAA , along with Anthony Travel and other partners, are working to refund those who bought tickets and made travel reservations.  I expect that information has been effectively disseminated and all refunds are being currently addressed.

    The purpose of this note is to provide you with some information as it pertains to the Navy/Notre Dame game, now scheduled for Annapolis.  Although there are still many uncertainties which include actual game date (it will be Labor Day Weekend), kick off, and size of the crowd, we do know that we will play the contest for the first time in history in Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium here in Annapolis.  Obviously, some of the conditions under which the game will be conducted have yet to be determined by state, local, and governmental agencies.  We will release definitive information as it becomes available.  I expect that all game related details will be finalized at the latest by the middle of July.  This reason, of course, revolves exclusively around the effects of COVID-19 and the parameters dictated to us affecting related decisions.

    With the game being played in our historic stadium, we expect a requirement to restrict the size of the crowd to a lesser percentage of what the stadium would normally accommodate.  Regulating the crowd with the appropriate safety and social distancing guidelines will mean that many will not be able to attend due to the limited ticket distribution.  For those who will not secure a ticket(s), the game will be nationally televised and available in a prime time slot to be determined by ABC/ESPN.

    I would like to share some expectations regarding specifics that are known to date. 

    a.  I expect this will be the only time we will play Notre Dame football in Annapolis.  Therefore, the game is of historic significance and most likely a once in a lifetime opportunity for those who will be in attendance.

    b.  The cost for limited tickets available to our fans will be at a premium.  Losing the Dublin event is of significant financial detriment to the NAAA and consequently affects our ability to support all 33 varsity sports at the championship level.  Therefore, with an expected socially distanced environment and "capped" attendance, the cost of this ticket will be an exception to the norm.  Obviously, there will be many who choose not to attend for personal health considerations, cost of attendance, travel challenges, etc., but be reminded the contest will be nationally televised.

    c.  Priority access to tickets and distribution will be based on availability and first to those who are Margin of Excellence contributors in support of The Fund for Athletic Excellence in any of our 33 varsity intercollegiate programs, and our physical mission capital projects.  In addition, I anticipate the opportunity to purchase tickets will also be available to those who are members of our Blue & Gold who are football season ticket holders and then Blue & Gold at large.  We are establishing a priority list now, and once we know what our attendance limitations are, we will be sharing specific information with those who qualify for the first opportunity to purchase.

    Do not hesitate to contact the Ticket Office today at tickets@usna.edu and let us know the desired amount of tickets you would like to request for the game.  We will note your request and get back to you with definitive game related information when available.  There will be no penalty to cancel your reservation right up until kick off. 

    d.  Tailgating will be governed by state regulations as they pertain to social distancing guidelines and the appropriate size of gatherings in effect on the first of September.

    e.  Those who have suites will be allowed to utilize their suite, but limitations on group size may also be regulated (TBD).

    f.  We will have special accommodations in Akerson Tower for those who qualify for that facility.  Supplemental seating to allow for social distancing will extend into the stadium adjacent to the Tower.

    g.  Parking at the stadium for the game will be accommodated only for those who are ticket holders specifically for this single game.

    h.  This contest is not included in the 2020 season ticket package.  It is a stand alone event and will be made available only as a single game.

    Finally, this opportunity today is being extended exclusively to our closest friends of Navy Athletics.  Loyal contributors in support of the NAAA will have first opportunity to purchase tickets.  Although we realize the expense for this ticket will be significant, the proceeds will be used to sustain our broad-based championship programs.  Our financial challenges due to COVID-19 have never been greater, but this is an opportunity for us to maintain consistent support for our midshipmen and continue to allow them to successfully compete as representatives of the Brigade, alumni, Naval Academy, and our community.

    Do not hesitate to contact our Ticket Office today at tickets@usna.edu with any questions you may have.

    Be Healthy, stay safe.

    Chet Gladchuk

    Athletic Director, NAAA 

  • 10 Jun 2020 21:00 | Robert Aeschbach (Administrator)

    Naval Academy Alumni and Community:

    As many of you are aware, a now-former alumni volunteer on our Board of Trustees recently made racist and sexist comments in a public forum. These remarks seriously discredited him as a Naval Academy graduate and retired Navy Captain. The comments trampled on our core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. They injured and confused many of our alumni and shipmates and, by association, they reflected poorly on our 65,000 alumni, our parents and friends in our Naval Academy family, and our Alumni Association. He no longer serves on our Board, and he has rightly resigned from his home chapter. As a chapter trustee, he was removed by the local chapter from their membership.

    During the Alumni Association Board of Trustees meeting on 10 June 2020, we also reviewed his membership status in the national organization and voted, in accordance with our bylaws, to expel the alumnus from the membership rolls of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association.

    As members of the Board and as alumni, we are shocked and disappointed that our alumni, our Alumni Association and likely the broader military community have been impacted and tainted by the bigotry of a Naval Academy graduate. We will move forward and put our hand on the tiller to actively steer our Alumni Association on a course away from racism, sexism and bigotry. Our course will not tolerate bigotry of any type and will provide all present and future Naval Academy alumni with an alumni organization that reflects Naval Academy core values, nurtures all alumni with respect and dignity and treats everyone equally. Our Alumni Association celebrates the diversity of our members and the special talents of each of our alumni. As alumni, we must continue to reflect on the enduring oath we all took on I-Day as plebes and at our graduation and commissioning. We must reaffirm the responsibility we have to our Naval Academy, our Navy and Marine Corps, our nation and to one another to support, promote and live our core values.

    We pledge to learn from this incident of bigotry and actively lead to restore the trust and hope of our diverse alumni community. We will purposely improve our alumni board processes and our alumni volunteer organizations to ensure there is no hiding place for racism, sexism or bigotry. Silence on these matters is not an option. We must ensure we are on the right course with the right people in place to lead and represent us. We are committed.

    Therefore, we have established a special committee, co-chaired by Lieutenant General David Beydler '81, USMC (Ret.), and Captain Karin Vernazza '90, USN (Ret.), that will include a diverse group of our alumni. The committee will review how we can improve our leadership organizations and operations to support and nurture all alumni and to ensure racism, sexism and bigotry and their damaging effects do not exist and will not be tolerated in our Alumni Association. Additionally, the committee will review all aspects of our Alumni Association mission, board policy, processes, recruitment and succession planning. The committee will report its initial findings at a meeting of the Board of Trustees in September. As the committee gets established, we genuinely request your input and support. Please send comments to alumnifeedback@usna.com.

    We have much work to do in the months ahead but let us be clear: there is no place for racism or discrimination among our ranks as Naval Academy leaders, or within the larger Naval Academy alumni community.

    Very respectfully,

    Chairman and Trustees of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association

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